Quarry Lake Hunt Club was founded in 1995 by 6 individuals with a common love of whitetail deer hunting.  Over the years, a couple of members have sold their shares, new members have come in, and we have continued to enjoy the hunt club.  Currently we have a couple of members that use the hunt club every year, a couple others that stop in once in a while, and others that most recently have just been in it as an investment.  The club just finished it's 20 year set of rules and regulations, and a new set needs to be set up.  During this current time, it only takes a simple majority, which is 4 votes from the 6 members to decide on any business for the club.  In our last meeting, 4 of the 6 members are leaning toward selling the hunt club.  The other 2 members do not want to sell, would like to find new members that would like to come in.  Two of us are getting up in age and would be willing to sell our portions for $25,000 each.  The property was recently appraised at $200,000 as a whole.  If we can find 2 new members, then the club will have it's majority going forward and can come up with a new operating agreement.  The other 2 members whom are also interested in selling haven't come up with a selling price that they want at this time, however, if you know of more individuals interested, we can present offers to them also.  It doesn't cost anything to talk, so if you have any ideas, please feel free to ask us.  You can call, or email us with any ideas.